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There is a man, seated on small wooden chair.


On the table in front of him lies a violin and a sumptuous crown of fruits.


Around him, everything is white.


But everything isn't white, because there is nothing.


Around him, nothing is white.


The man sits there, thinking. What else could he need to be happy?


But he doesn't know how to play the violin.


He reaches for a fruit and grabs a ripe mango. Is he happy?


It looks delicious, if only he had a knife to slice a piece.


And from the white nothingness, emerges a sharp knife.


Droplets of juice fall from the blade as the knife slices smoothly through the mango. It's delicious, juicy and fresh. Is he happy?


Soon, he finds himself wishing for someone to share it with. And again from nothing appeared another man. He simply was there floating in the whiteness.


The second man wishes himself a chair to sit on. And there it is.


They enjoy the mango in silence.


Are they happy?


The sweet juice makes them thirsty. Suddenly water starts flowing next to them. Like a translucent rainbow with no known endings. They put their hands to it, but the flow is too strong and water rebounds everywhere around.


Now, they are soaked and need new clothes and towels to dry out. The second man also wishes for a more contained water source and a jar to collect it. Yet again, those things become from white.


Next to a small well with a rope and bucket, stand two piles of clothes with matching towels and towelettes. They drink and change. Are they happy?


They are uncomfortable in the empty space, so they desire a nice house and land. And there they are, standing on a tiny hill, overlooking a long field leading to a tall brick house.


They walk down the hill in the field to the house, and they are enchanted as they reach the doorstep. They look back and see the table next to the well afar on the hill. Are they happy now?


As the first man opens the door, the second one holds his breath in anticipation. But there is nothing inside. Only white.


They think of floors and stairs, of rooms and corridors, and it becomes. But are missing again all the things to fill the house. So, they walk separately around the house. Creating each room from their imagination.


Quickly emerged splendid bedrooms with hand crafted mahogany beds and carved nightstands. Luxurious bathrooms with multiple jacuzzi and antique gem incrusted mirrors. They congratulate themselves, proud of their achievement.


Are they happy yet? 


Would it not be wonderful to have something to celebrate this event with?


And they imagine a great cellar in the house. Hundreds of bottles, all kinds and ages. And so, they drink and drink some more. They are rapidly back to primal instincts and behaviors. Laughing hard and loud, singing and grunting. Mostly laughing. Are they happy now?


As they drink, they feel free of inhibitions and start wishing of many petty things. Footrests, backscratching devices and other useless items. Objects of any kind start piling and piling over so swiftly that the roof begins cracking.


But they are used now to fixing stuff with more, and thus the tall brick house inexplicably turns into an enormous mansion. Enough space now for thousands more things. Are they happy now?


The men miss something crucial and they dream of a woman. Careful must be the man whose wishes come true. A beautiful young lady walks in the room naturally, as if she had always been there. Silky smooth legs and luscious curves leading to a mesmerizing visage left a permanent burn on their retinas. Are they happy now?


For both men, the shock is terrible. Immediately they look at each other. Both with a furiously possessive stare.


A desire to own and a fear of the competition so intense, they forget she even exists.


But she is just next to them and looks at the first man. Tenderly smiling she touches his shoulder. His heart melts, but the second man's heart dries out simultaneously. One feels pure joy while the other one feels his soul crushed to pieces.


Black fluids of jealousy fill the remnants of his mind. He wishes the first man would die so that he could take his place.

Careful must be the man whose wishes come true.


The lesson is clear to him as the body of the first man hits the floor, lifeless.


He wishes it back.


But there is no such thing as wishing back.

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