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-You mean you left him to believe he was being spied on by the government, rather than letting him know it was you he heard?

-Do you really want to hear the story?

-I’m rather curious indeed.

-Very well, it’s nothing quite special really…

…One afternoon, Me and Oscar were coming back from outside and we walked in talking about nothing, and Jim, who wasn’t even supposed to be home, was sitting busy at the computer with his work headphones on.

Oscar spooked when he saw him, because he wasn’t supposed to come over without permission, but I said, “Do not worry, he cannot hear us with those things on”, however, as I said that I suddenly realized he was removing them. He must have heard me, because he asked, “Who said that?”, and started looking around.

We both ran off quietly, and he never witnessed us or anyone else, thus he started to panic and shut his computer down. He had some questionable online habits, you see.

From there, his own imagination took over. He started seeing hidden meanings in noises and lights.

He spiraled down rather fast I must say. He was already going heavy with the pain meds at the time, he’s committed now.

-Could you not have spared him that torment at anytime by telling him?

-They cannot know, Bubbles. Ever.

-Still, your own human, Whiskers, he fed you. That is most heartless indeed.

-He always purchased from the bottom shelf; I saw the receipts.

-Oh, I see…you should have led with that. Well, serves him right then I presume.


-Do they not worship us anymore?

-Sometimes I wonder…

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