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The First Man has been preparing this plan for a while, now he is moving forward, it is time. He grabs the receiver and dials the phone.

It rings. The Second Man answers, he nods, grabs his coat, and leaves immediately.

A car is parked under a large oak tree, the First Man is waiting inside. The night is dark, and nobody can see him. The street is deserted and quiet.

The Second Man is driving slowly in the alleys of the industrial district. The Third Man is seated next to him, smoking silently. They have a meeting nearby with the First Man, the time approaches.


 The First Man sees the lights of the other car as the Second Man drives into the dead end. He stays still until it stops behind him. He then gets out and goes to sit in the back.

“Tomorrow.”, says the First Man. “As soon as it opens.”

“Good.”, responds the Second Man. The Third Man does not speak, he knows he is not important. It bothers him, but he says nothing.

The First Man leaves the car, the Second Man starts the car and slowly drives away.

The First Man returns to his seat and thinks. Everything is planned, but you must never stop thinking. He too finally drives away.

Further away, the Second Man drops off the Third Man. He leaves without a word. The Third Man looks behind him to see the Second Man disappear around the corner. He pulls out his phones and makes a call.



It is morning and the sun is rising, the First Man, however, never went to bed. He wears sunglasses and what looks like a beanie. Leaning against a wall, he waits.

The Second Man walks on a small street in the twilight. He approaches a car and forcefully pulls a window down using his two palms. A half-inch will suffice. He pulls the window towards him, rams his arm inside and pulls the lock. He gets in rapidly.

The Third Man is already in place. He is parked many miles away, at the exact spot marked by the First Man.

Sitting in an empty room far from there, a man is waiting. In front of him is an old rotary phone. Earlier, it rang. The man waits for it to ring again, patiently.


 The First Man sees the Second Man, their eyes meet as the car passes him. A common car, as planned. It is time. The First Man walks towards the corner. The Second Man will be ready when he'll exit.

The Third Man looks at his watch. The time is now. It has started.


The First Man turns the corner, he removes his glasses. He bends his head forward as his hat unfurls into a balaclava. He pulls out his silenced 9mm and pushes open the door to the bank.


The Guard turns around only to see a bullet penetrating his left eye. His fall is brutal, but will not be the cause of death.

The First Man turns around, locks the door, and continues left towards the counter.

The Cashier, her head hunched over a monitor, is none the wiser.


A large marble column decorates the lobby, hiding the corpse of the Guard irrigating the floor of his blood. She might have heard the whistle of the silencer or the crack of the skull against the floor, but too little to be alarmed in that vast space.

The First Man knows it all, he cased and chose this place specifically.

She lifts her eyes and freezes on the spot. The First Man grabs her by the hair and crushes her head against the desk with his gun.

“Call the Manager in the Intercom. Do not scream.”, whispers the First Man in her ear. She obeys and summons the manager to the front. As soon as she is done, he knocks her out with the handle, he doesn’t kill women. 


He jumps on the other side of the counter. His back against the wall, he listens.

Less than a minute has passed since he entered.

The Third Man is already impatient. He smokes with the compulsion of the guilty.

The Manager hears the call and shrugs. He gets up and leaves his office wondering what kind of issue might already require his attention, only 5 minutes after the opening. The pressure of an arm around his neck and a nozzle against his head seem to quickly answer that question.


“Please, don’…”, tries to say the Manager.

“Silence. No words, no blood.”, interrupts the First Man, “The vault, now.”

The First Man walk towards the back with the Manager held tight. In front of them, at the end of a corridor, an enormous circular metal door.

“Open it.”

His moist fingers tremble in fear as he presses the digits of the numerical keyboard. He very well knows his survival depends on his obedience. He also knows that after obeying, his life is likely over. He whimpers in powerlessness.

The sound of the gigantic metal spokes retracting into the door resonates in the corridor. This the sound of the bell for the Manager. The First Man breaks his neck and throws him to the ground.



The Second Man is parked in the next street over. His eyes fixed on the rear-view mirror, he stares at the corner.

The First Man moves towards the exit with a burdened stride, the duffle bag is now very heavy. He storms out, and in a single move, removes his headgear and puts his glasses on. As soon as he turns the corner, an engine starts revving.

The Second Man meets the eyes of the First Man as he climbs in the car. One look is enough to know that everything is going according to plan. As always. The Second Man drives away slowly. The car is stolen, they will avoid attention.

The Third Man stares at his watch, 6 minutes have passed. They are on their way. He dials a number and keeps his thumb close to the send button.

The second Man stops the car in the alley. They get out and walk towards an underground passage.

The Third Man sees the First Man carrying the bag at the end of entrance. The bag seems heavy. He pushes send. He hangs up after a ring, and puts the phone back in his pocket.


An old rotary phone rings a single ring in a nearly empty room. A man stands up and leaves.

The First Man and the Second Man enter the second car. The Third Man drives them to the arranged drop. He parks the car, and they all exit. The house where they will split the take is just ahead.

The Third Man walks slowly while smoking. The First man walks nervously, the Second Man follows him closely with the bag. The Third Man stays behind.


Leaning on the wall of the next house, the Fourth Man listens while waiting patiently. He hears the footsteps coming in the driveway.

The First Man approaches the door.


The Fourth Man suddenly appears in front of him and fires twice.


Frightened, the Second Man takes a step back, his back bumping against a gun. The Third Man fires once.

The First Man and the Second Man lie dead.

“Well executed.’’, says the Third Man.

“Thank you.”, answers the Fourth Man. He lifts his gun and fires once more.

The Third Man falls to his knees.

The Fourth Man fires one last time.

He picks up the bag, steps over the corpses, and leaves.

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