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DISCLAIMER: I can't sing.

Carrot cakeJay Comtois
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There's so much pain, I've had to endure, It ticks inside of me

I wring my brain, invent a new procedure, the Insidectomy


It don't hurt, I do it happily

I don't need general anaesthesia 

The disease killed my family

Like the generals did Anastasia's

Think that line's heaven, fair, with needs, or maybe dumb

Man, I don't even, care, it means, I may be numb


There's a whole lot of shit, I want to say

Took a whole lot of hits, along the way

That strife started early, listen to the story

How my life's been disorderly, even gory


Man, my parents ain't never get along

But they still had to get it on

Mom got mad she had an IUD

But my dad had that kung fu D

Baby's one year old and, they split

Family's gone cold man, days split


I don't remember that

But it feels like a trauma

Never even saw my dad

Cuddle with my mama


A tad of time went on by

'til she got to start over

Step-dad's not a bad guy

A bit of pot, a beer lover

Our system is mean

Means my dad's stepped over

Our family stem is lean

Leans under the bulldozer

Two small days, man, every two weeks

Days too small, man really, too weak.

More time with the guys from Sesame

Than with the guy who's half of me.


Man's got to start over too

Kids come over with the boo

You're the part-time son

Jealousy's not red, crimson

You're number two, them one

Look, a whole drawer for you, son

Mattress goes under the bed, then gone

Now, your bed's a drawer too, hon


It's ok, Got three siblings back home

Lots of love and there is Mom

It ain't all bad, not gonna lie

We don't yet know that, she's gonna die.


Two daughters and a son, like clockwork

Anne, Allyson and my brother Albert

I'm seven, they're five, three and one

Then even life said no, she is done


This is a weird thing, clever and slow

They say could be nothing, you never know

Man, if they ever got a, thing wrong

That thing, could even knock a, King Kong


It's on, auto-immune

She's gone, the ICU

Disease is a freak out

Eight years of breakouts


Step-dad is quickly out the door

He was emotionally poor

Brother's still crawling on the floor

Mom's tied to the bed like it's a moor-


There's no -ring, cause she's asleep

Man, all the drugs she takes it's deep


It's real, not a fable written in the rocks, fantastic

I sort them, in the schedule boxes, made of plastic

See the side effects, in the little fonts, man it's drastic

My sleep is brittle, got night sweats, man I'm spastic


The pills suppress her immune system

She feels there's stress inside from them

No protection from bacteria and damn viruses

They hunting back for her, ya, like she's on their census


She was cutting on them carrots, once upon a time

Caught a streptococcus, it was a special kind

Don't take it, she's screaming please, your oath, this violates

Waivers, Grandpa, sign on these, there's bloat, it's violet

It's great to "Do No Harm", mam, you got flesh eating bacteria

Amputate her left arm, man, cut flush, right in the shoulder


It's over on

December twenty-fifth nineteen ninety eight

Her arm is gone

I remember that Christmas was pretty great


My birthday's on the seventeenth, on the week before

Cooking for me she might a been, I won't speak anymore

These memories rot, take an ill flavor of shit

But jeez, carrot cake is still my favorite

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